Frequently asked questions

What is Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition?

Personalised Therapeutic Nutrition is an individually tailored nutritional intervention designed to manage or reverse patient specific metabolic dysfunctions, medical conditions or their associated symptoms.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved.

  • Join the IPTN community and help us build robust healthcare communities and referral networks
  • Partner with us to accelerate change and promote the use of therapeutic nutrition by conducting collaborative multidisciplinary research
  • Healthcare professionals can sign up for our online courses and become certified to safely manage patients’ metabolic health using Therapeutic Nutrition

How can I show my support?

You can invest in our vision and a healthier future by making a donation.

You can help IPTN spread the word about this important work by inviting other health practitioners to join the IPTN Therapeutic Nutrition Community or check out our website

You can partner with the IPTN towards a shared vision: A healthier society that chooses a personalized, ‘food first’ approach to optimize health and prevent or reverse disease.

Who can join the IPTN Therapeutic Nutrition Community?

Health professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, dietitians and nurses, health researchers, and health educators.

How much does it cost to join the IPTN Therapeutic Nutrition Community?

There are no costs to join or belong.

Does the IPTN fund research?

The IPTN does not fund research but does invite innovative research ideas and opportunities to collaborate.

Does the IPTN have volunteer opportunities?

The IPTN was started through volunteerism and much of the work today is still accomplished by volunteers. Contact us to explore opportunities.

How is the IPTN funded?

The IPTN is a not-for-profit organization that currently receives a modest amount of grant funding from multiple sources.

Is Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition evidence-based?

The concept of Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition emerged from a compelling body of scientific knowledge on the relationship between diet and excess insulin, insulin resistance, obesity and disease. Advances in behavioral science and health technology have also shaped the concept. The IPTN serves as a change-agent, moving new evidence ‘from research to practice’ as rapidly as possible through our training and networking initiatives.

Does the IPTN offer a certification in Therapeutic Nutrition?

Offering a certification in Therapeutic nutrition is one of the IPTN’s strategic priorities. We currently have a process for certifying pharmacists in medication management related to Therapeutic Nutrition and are working towards certification for physicians and dietitians. The first step towards achieving certification will be to take An Introduction to Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition, available as an online course in the Spring of 2019.

Who does the IPTN have affiliations/partnerships with?

The IPTN currently has affiliations/partnerships with the following organizations:

  • The University of British Columbia
  • The Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability (IHSTS)
  • Diabetes Digital Media (DDM) and
  • Mitacs
  • CIHR
  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR)
  • Pharmasave
  • TRIA
  • TEAMWORK 360

Is Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition safe?

A change in dietary patterns or nutritional intake can have a rapid and potent effect on the human metabolism, especially when the intervention involves significant carbohydrate restriction. Patients who take multiple medications, particularly those that lower blood glucose or blood pressure, may be at risk for overmedication, especially if they choose a very low carbohydrate diet (< 50 gm/day)

Through training courses and other learning opportunities, the IPTN prepares health practitioners to recognize and manage these risks. Any patient who chooses a ‘food first’ approach to manage chronic disease should consult with a health professional before starting.