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Level 1: Foundations in Therapeutic Nutrition

Foundations in Therapeutic Nutrition is offered as an online course that will take approximately 12 hours to complete and learners can work at their own pace.

While the overall structure and core content is similar for all healthcare providers, there are separate versions of this course for physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, and nurses to address discipline-specific implications for clinical practice.   

Course Description  

As the incidence of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other metabolically based chronic diseases skyrocket, health care providers have been part of many strategies to arrest this devastating trend. More recently, there is growing public interest in exploring a ‘food first’ approach to actively treating these diseases, and a growing evidence base to support the use of personalized, therapeutic nutrition to achieve remission as a clinical goal. 

In this course, learners will be introduced to the concept of personalized, therapeutic nutrition and the role that food and eating plays in chronic disease management. With a focus on patient safety, the course will explore topics such as the evolution of dietary patterns in Western Society, the relationship between diet, energy metabolism and the development of chronic disease and how health care providers can integrate personalized, therapeutic nutrition into their clinical toolboxes.      

Course structure

Module 1: The Evolution and Impact of Dietary Patterns on Health in Western Society

Module 2: A Review of Energy Metabolism and Connection to Chronic Disease

Module 3: The Science Behind Managing Chronic Disease with Therapeutic Nutrition  

Module 4: Therapeutic Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Module 5: Implementing Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition (discipline specific)

Module 6: The Importance of Continuing Professional Development in an Emerging Field  

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