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Discover how to safely support your patients to use therapeutic nutrition.

The Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition offers training and certification in therapeutic nutrition. Through these learning opportunities, healthcare practitioners are empowered to safely support patients who choose food-based treatment options – and begin changing the conversation about chronic disease.  

The rising rates of obesity, overweight, metabolic syndrome and diabetes are placing a huge burden on the healthcare system, and on individual people’s lives. At the same time, a growing body of research shows that personalized therapeutic nutrition can drastically improve a person’s health – leading to the reversal of symptoms and possible remission in type 2 diabetes.  

If you are a physician, pharmacist, dietitian, nurse, or other allied healthcare professional, these practical and timely learning opportunities are available to you. The training offers a deeper understanding of the relationship between what we eat, metabolic health and the development of chronic disease as well as strategies for helping patients get started and managing safety issues such as overmedication.  

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Certificate in Therapeutic Nutrition

Learn how you can earn a Certificate in Therapeutic nutrition by completing two levels of training and continuing your professional development in this emerging field.

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Course offerings

Level 1: Foundations in Therapeutic Nutrition 

An online course that will take approx. 12 hours to complete at your own pace. 


In this course, learners will be introduced to the concept of personalized, therapeutic nutrition and the role that food and eating plays in chronic disease management.


With a focus on patient safety, the course will explore topics such as the evolution of dietary patterns in Western Society, the relationship between diet, energy metabolism and the development of chronic disease and how health care providers can integrate personalized, therapeutic nutrition into their clinical toolboxes.  

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Level 2: Skill Building Workshop in Therapeutic Nutrition 

A facilitated, online workshop consisting of 6 hours of learning spaced over 3 to 4 sessions.


In this course, learners will engage in case-based learning and develop discipline-specific clinical competencies. The workshop culminates with a brief case study presentation by each participant.

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