Our Goals for a Healthier Canada

IPTN has a vision for a healthier society that chooses a personalized 'food first' approach to optimize health and prevent or reverse disease. We are leading change toward a future where food is an accessible and accepted treatment option for chronic disease.  

Image by Marcelo Leal

IPTN promotes health in people living with chronic medical conditions or, who are at significant risk of developing chronic medical conditions by bringing tools and knowledge of therapeutic nutrition to healthcare professionals across the country – and around the world.  


Conducting research to discover the safest, most effective, and cost-effective ways to deliver therapeutic nutrition and sharing this knowledge with the public, to help close the gap between research and practice. 


Building a robust community of practice to share information, research, and resources freely in support of broad learning and development for healthcare professionals.  


Training health care providers on how to safely use therapeutic nutrition to reverse symptoms or achieve remission in people with chronic medical conditions, through a Certification in Therapeutic Nutrition and other training opportunities. 


Developing and sharing supportive tools and resources to educate members of the public about the benefits of a therapeutic nutrition approach and helping them work with their healthcare provider to use therapeutic nutrition.