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June 28 Webinar: Bringing Lifestyle Medicine into Clinical Practice

Are you interested in the transformative power of lifestyle medicine to address chronic diseases? Would you like to integrate lifestyle concepts more effectively into your patient care or start your own team-based, lifestyle-focused clinical practice? Then join Dr. Leanne Reimche at the IPTN June 28 webinar as she shares her experience and tips: “Bringing Lifestyle Medicine into Clinical Practice.” Dr. Reimche is the Chief Medical Officer of the Institute of Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition and a Calgary-based specialist in internal medicine. She is an associate professor of Medicine at the University of Calgary and a section head in general medicine, with a master's degree in applied nutrition from the University of New England. She also has her own, team-based lifestyle medicine clinic in Calgary. During the 90-minute webinar, Dr. Reimche will review the outcomes of simple lifestyle behaviors on the development of chronic diseases and life expectancy and describe the implementation of lifestyle medicine into an internal medicine practice. She will also describe her team approach to patient care and share the core competencies for those working in Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Reimche spends about 80% of her professional life caring for acutely ill patients in the hospital and this is usually not a time or place to bring in the concepts of lifestyle medicine “because they are so sick.”

However, the 20% of her professional life that she spends in her lifestyle clinic helping patients get better and reverse their chronic diseases “is just so satisfying” as a physician.

“The best part is deprescribing patients from their diabetes and hypertension medication. It’s phenomenal. The fact that we can show their progress on a graph, put their conditions into remission, is so powerful,” Dr. Reimche says.

Dr. Reimche will describe her use of evidence-based lifestyle tools — nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, connection, and substance use avoidance — to meet patients “where they're at.”

Changing life-long lifestyle habits can be extremely challenging for patients, Dr. Reimche notes. Unlike other physician encounters, which are more directive, lifestyle medicine appointments involve coaching patients to prioritize their issues, to decide what they are willing and able to change, and to address the struggles of change.

While the webinar will share Dr. Reimche’s experience and perspectives, she also hopes to spur questions and a fulsome discussion that brings in the experience and advice among the participants. How are you as a clinician supporting patient success and creating a viable lifestyle practice? “I hope it’s a chance to really share our approaches and learn from each other,” said Dr. Reimche.

The webinar will be recorded, but CME credits are only available for those who attend the live webinar. We hope you’ll join us for what is sure to be an insightful and inspiring discussion.

Date: June 28, 2023

Time: 1700 – 1830 PDT

Register here

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