Supporting practice change with enabling technology, tools and resources

Choice and hope are two important aspects of staying healthy or getting better.


If more people understood how foundational the link is between eating and health, they might not wait to be diagnosed with a chronic disease before making a change. People already living with chronic disease don’t have to believe it’s too late to make a difference.


The IPTN partners with local, national and international experts in Therapeutic Nutrition to develop enabling technology, clinical tools and informational resources that can support healthcare practitioners to support their patients.


Current Initiatives:

1. Publishing an evidence-based protocol for therapeutic, personalized carbohydrate restriction that focuses on patient safety


2. Piloting a ‘Prescribable Platform for Therapeutic Nutrition’ – a personalized, online patient resource that supports the physician’s teaching, coaching, monitoring roles and can be ‘prescribed’ as easily as writing a prescription for medication


3. Implementing an online Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network to facilitate collaboration among leading endocrinologists, diabetologists and researchers around the world with a goal of sharing best practices, coordinating research activities and protocols and developing tools, resources and training programs for health professionals.

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