Welcome and congratulations on joining the IPTN Health Professional Community!

We are busy preparing to launch the IPTN Health Professional Community, an online space where clinicians, researchers and educators can share information, experiences, practice tips and research questions about therapeutic nutrition.

The community provides healthcare professionals with a digital platform that is dedicated to sharing knowledge in real time about therapeutic nutrition.  You can learn and interact with experts and colleagues from around the world in a safe, private space that is purposefully designed to support your needs. Your active participation will not only benefit you and your patients, but it will also inform clinical best practices and will help to shape future health and food related policies around the world.

Watch your inbox in April for an email that will guide you to:

  1. Sign into the online community for the first time
  2. Complete a short, online orientation to the IPTN Community that covers things like code of conduct and tips and techniques for productive online networking.
  3. Discover leadership opportunities within the Community