The IPTN's Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


The IPTN’s vision is for a healthier society that chooses a personalized, ‘food first’ approach to optimize health, and prevent or reverse disease.


Preparing health practitioners to safely prescribe Therapeutic Nutrition by:

  • Conducting collaborative, multidisciplinary, practice-focused research
  • Building robust healthcare communities and referral networks to connect us
  • Providing clinical training and certification in Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Supporting practice change with enabling technology, tools and resources

Guiding Principles

The following principles provide philosophical context for our vision and mission and help to establish a shared foundation for collaboration and teamwork.

  • We establish best practices and standardized models of care delivery through evidence-informed initiatives.
  • We value transparency and declare conflicts of interest.
  • Our vision is anchored in coordinated primary and community based care.
  • Planning and work is always carried out through a multi-disciplinary lens.
  • We are person-centered.
  • We embrace healthful eating as a joyful experience.
  • We are inclusive, and promote accessibility to information and opportunities for learning and collaboration.
  • We are adaptive and avoid dogma, recognizing that ‘one size does not fit all’.
  • We appreciate there is strength in diversity across people and approaches.
  • We practice transformational leadership by:
    • Challenging old ways of doing things with new ideas
    • Engaging others through a shared vision
    • Inspiring others by modeling new standards and communicating an achievable mission
    • Influencing partners and stakeholders by gaining their respect and trust, increasing their optimism for the future, and instilling pride in our shared milestones
  • We advance a mission that is future-focused while open to learning from historical mistakes.