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The IPTN creates and promotes learning opportunities such as scientific conferences, educational webinars and training programs for health professionals. An expert advisory committee provides medical and academic oversight of training content and delivery methods.

Our goal is to help speed up the transfer of new emerging scientific knowledge about therapeutic nutrition and the human metabolism from research into best clinical practices. We want to ensure that people who choose a ‘food first’ approach to manage or reverse chronic disease can do so safely by depending on support from health care professionals who have this specialized knowledge and skill.

Medication Management

In this full-day workshop, physicians and pharmacists learn to monitor and safely de-prescribe medications for patients whose cardo-metabolic status improves through therapeutic nutrition. There is a heavy focus on case studies and applied learning.

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The IPTN is helping to build the scientific knowledge base for Therapeutic Nutrition by conduction collaborative, multidisciplinary research. By forging productive, synergistic relationships with international scientists and research organizations who are also studying therapeutic nutrition and the human metabolism, we hope to accelerate this process. The IPTN does not fund research but does invite innovative research ideas and opportunities to collaborate.

Funded Research

  1. Impact of a Pharmacist-led Therapeutic Nutrition Intervention on Medications and Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes – in progress
  1. A consensus building meeting: Enabling technology to help physicians deliver personalized, therapeutic nutrition to reverse T2D – September 16 – 17, 2018
  1. Supporting and Enabling Physicians to deliver Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition Using an Online Technology Platform – in progress


In Canada, and around the globe, Therapeutic Nutrition is gaining recognition as a promising clinical option for managing and even reversing metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. A growing number of health professionals, researchers and educators are making meaningful contributions to the scientific evidence-base, creating tools to use in clinical practice and developing training materials and other resources.

The IPTN supports our growing Community of health professionals to advocate for evidence-based practice and policy change that supports a ‘food first’ culture in Canada. We provide the technology platform to connect Community members who are interested in networking, learning from one another, and beginning to identify best clinical practices related to therapeutic nutrition.

We believe that the IPTN Community can accelerate the movement of Therapeutic Nutrition knowledge from research into practice by:

  • Democratizing access to knowledge and information about Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Identifying and consolidating best clinical and education practices
  • Fostering collaborative research around questions that arise from expert clinical practice

Join our community of health practitioners! Contribute to open discussion and education. Become an ambassador for the Therapeutic Nutrition movement.

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Choice and hope are two important aspects of staying healthy or getting better. If more people understood how foundational the link is between eating and health, they might not wait to be diagnosed with a chronic disease before making a change. People already living with chronic disease don’t have to believe it’s too late to make a difference.

The IPTN partners with local, national and international experts in Therapeutic Nutrition to develop enabling technology, clinical tools and informational resources that can support healthcare practitioners to support their patients.

Current initiatives include:

  • Publishing an evidence-based protocol for therapeutic, personalized carbohydrate restriction that focuses on patient safety.
  • Piloting a ‘Prescribable Platform for Therapeutic Nutrition’ – a personalized, online patient resource that supports the physician’s teaching, coaching, monitoring roles and can be ‘prescribed’ as easily as writing a prescription for medication.

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