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Bringing a community together to better support Canadians’ health  

Building community is at the heart of IPTN and its work - bringing diverse partners together to research, learn and share information about therapeutic nutrition more broadly. IPTN has convened thousands of healthcare professionals since it launched through a unique Community of Practice, conferences, and webinars, building a network that will support Canadians and their health needs.


A large part of IPTN's mission has been to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaborative research, and resources that help healthcare providers start to include therapeutic nutrition in their practice. 

IPTN’s Therapeutic Nutrition Community of Practice has grown from a few members to over 2,100 practitioners investing time in an area that they have an interest in. It’s a space where professionals can ask questions about particular cases and get real-time feedback and responses from a broad spectrum of other professionals offering their own expertise. The Community has been an important step towards transforming clinical practice.   

Over the past six years, IPTN has hosted multiple international scientific conferences that explore the concepts of therapeutic nutrition and its impact on the treatment of chronic conditions. These conferences have fostered awareness of the field, while highlighting important research results and potential for the future of therapeutic nutrition. 

“We’ve tried to be a catalyst through the Community of Practice, fostering the development of best practices and empowering the good ideas that have come out of it,” says Sean McKelvey, CEO.  

I was naïve to the concept of type 2 diabetes remission four years back. The concept was then an ‘interesting possibility.’ IPTN has brought to life the conversation that remission is possible and is creating hope from what otherwise is a downward trajectory for many individuals with type 2 diabetes. We at IHSTS are so keen to be a partner along this journey and are so excited to see this transformation in thinking and action progressing so well. 

Marc Pelletier, CEO

Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability 

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