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Vision, mission and
guiding principles

A chronic disease can affect a person every single day of their life, often impacting activities of daily living, healthcare needs, cost of medications, and even mental health. 

The IPTN sees a future where personalized therapeutic nutrition becomes a recognized and widely supported treatment option that dramatically lessens the burden of chronic disease on people and society. 

We work towards our vision by gathering and sharing new scientific knowledge as quickly as possible so we can teach healthcare practitioners safe and innovative ways deliver personalized, therapeutic nutrition. As we strive to close the gap between research and clinical practice, we are giving people hope that many of their chronic conditions do not have to be chronic and progressive after all.

We collaborate on research to discover the safest, most effective, and cost-effective ways to deliver therapeutic nutrition and share this new knowledge with health care providers and the public.

We teach healthcare providers how to safely use therapeutic nutrition to reverse symptoms or achieve remission in people with chronic medical conditions, through a Certificate in Therapeutic Nutrition and other training opportunities.

We develop and share supportive tools and resources to teach members of the public about the benefits of a therapeutic nutrition approach and help them work with their healthcare provider to use therapeutic nutrition.

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Three pillars.png
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Our Guiding Principles

IPTN’s guiding principles provide the philosophical foundation for our vision, mission, collaborations, and teamwork.

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