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Community of Practice

Like any new and emerging field, it is important for therapeutic nutrition to be grounded in a community of practice. 

Since IPTN launched in 2016, our Therapeutic Nutrition Community of Practice has grown to more than 2,200 members who gather online for webinars, ask clinical questions of each other, share research findings and resources, and propose best practices. 

A moderated digital platform for health professionals, researchers and educators, this online Community of Practice is a space for healthcare professionals to learn, share, collaborate and network with colleagues from around the world. There is no cost to become a member.

Read more about our Community of Practice in the Annual Report.

Jan. 11, 2023 | 5 p.m.

The Experiences of Developing & Implementing the Waterloo/ Wellington Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction Guides for Healthcare Professionals

Speaker: Amy Waugh, RD CDE

Amy Waugh is an RD and CDE who works at Upper Grand Family Health Team in primary care diabetes management. She was the Clinical Resource and Project lead at the Waterloo Wellington Diabetes Education Center supporting clinicians in optimizing diabetes care. Prior to that, she worked at McMaster University participating in research.  She has experience and training in mindfulness meditation specifically to address binge eating, and a passion to support clients with problematic eating behaviours.  She has a keen interest in quality improvement initiatives. 

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