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  • Anne Mullens

IPTN holds its first fundraiser

The IPTN became a registered Canadian charity in the spring of 2021, but for the first time ever, we are embarking on a modest year-end fundraising campaign in the hope of garnering support for more public outreach in 2024. We're launching the campaign on Tuesday, November 28, a.k.a Giving Tuesday, and it will run until December 31, 2023. We hope to raise more than $10,000, and that means our friends and supporters may be receiving a few pitches from us over the next few weeks. We are not very skilled at this, so please forgive any awkwardness in advance. "We are much more comfortable as an organization spreading the word about the power of therapeutic nutrition and raising awareness that remission is possible for type 2 diabetes than we are asking for donations," notes IPTN CEO Sean McKelvey. "But we realize to do more of the former we have to do more of the latter."

Here are some of the ways your donation can help. Right now, less than 2% of Canadians with type 2 diabetes achieve remission on their own, but recent research is showing that over 50% of those living with type 2 diabetes can achieve remission with more education, inspiration and support from their primary care provider. This past year, you may have noticed that we have put more time and resources into the website, providing easy-to-understand handouts, shopping lists, a letter for health providers, an evidence-based downloadable booklet to explain the science and steps of remission. You may have also noticed we've been compiling an increasing number of inspiring testimonies for people who have been able to achieve remission. By sharing each person's unique journey -- including their challenges, their successes, and their practical tips -- we aim to encourage others to at least give remission a try. We want to do more of that, and to boost those posts on social media so they garner more eyes.

You may also have noticed that the IPTN holds regular webinars for health professionals to enhance skills and knowledge about emerging areas of therapeutic nutrition. Raising awareness about these webinars, and about our active Community of Practice is another key IPTN goal for 2024. We are also busy creating new training materials and updating our existing courses.

If you appreciate what we do and would like to support us, your donation would be greatly appreciated. The button below takes you to a secure site hosted by Donorbox. We can provide tax-deductible receipts for any gift of $25 or more. Thanks for reading this post. All the best of the holiday season and into 2024 from the IPTN team.

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