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Webinars in April: plant-focused keto and kidney health

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Is the ketogenic diet damaging to the kidneys or appropriate for people with kidney disease? Moreover, can a plant-focused keto diet be an effective treatment to preserve or improve kidney function, especially in polycystic kidney disease?

These questions, and more, will be the focus of two IPTN April webinars, Wednesdayy April 12 and Wednesday April 19, at 5 pm Pacific. The webinar speaker is US subject matter expert Jessianna Saville, RD, MSN, CDE.

The April 12 webinar, Keto and the Kidneys: Where the Science is Going, reviews influential research on ketogenic diet therapy and kidney disease, examining where and why more research is needed. The presenters will also describe an upcoming randomized clinical trial that will study the feasibility and outcomes of a plant-focused keto diet in kidney disease.

On April 19, 2023, the webinar is Kidney Health: When & How to Utilize Plant-Focused Ketogenic Diet (PFKD) Therapy. Saville will identify patient populations that can benefit from PFKD therapy, discuss the risk factors to consider prior to starting, and demonstrate how to apply the intervention in real life. She also shares the key biomarkers to monitor for success.

Saville is a graduate of the Utah State dietetics program, with a master’s degree in Health Care Management. She founded Kidney Nutrition Institute in 2016 knowing that patients needed the foundation of nutrition to improve their kidney health and avoid dialysis and professionals needed a place to advance the science of renal nutrition. KNI’s team of dietitians worked hard to develop the Ren.Nu program for people with PKD. “Our mission at Kidney Nutrition Institute is to drive nutrition solutions that positively impact kidney health. I’m proud of the work the dietitians do at Kidney Nutrition Institute to develop cutting-edge nutrition for PKD, including ketogenic approaches,” she writes at the Kidney Nutrition Institute.

The two 60-minute webinars will each by followed by a 30 minute question and session. The webinars are free to members of the IPTN Community of Practice.

Click here to register for one or both webinars.

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