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Training healthcare professionals to navigate therapeutic nutrition 

IPTN is training healthcare professionals around the world to support their patients in a journey to better manage, or reverse, chronic conditions and associated symptoms. Hundreds of physicians or pharmacists have already been trained, with many more to come. 


To support healthcare professionals, and make therapeutic nutrition more available to the public, IPTN has developed virtual training and certification programs to give practitioners the core competencies they need to safely prescribe and support a patient who chooses therapeutic nutrition to treat their chronic condition. 

Designed by a faculty of experts and guided by scientific advisors, this program is providing the first professional certification in therapeutic nutrition for regulated health professionals in Canada. The curriculum is adapted to various health disciplines and is accredited by recognized continuing professional education organizations in Canada. Online courses are designed for physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals who want to safely support patients to explore a variety of ‘food first’ approaches for managing chronic disease.  

“This is a tremendous opportunity for international reach with online program delivery and certification,” said Sean McKelvey, Chief Executive Officer. “Our Certificate in Therapeutic Nutrition is providing education for healthcare professionals who are excited about changing clinical practice and moving towards taking the ‘chronic’ out of chronic disease.” 

In 2022, IPTN will launch a two-level certificate program in therapeutic nutrition.   


Foundations in Therapeutic Nutrition 
A comprehensive introductory course (level 1) for all health professionals that introduces learners to the concept of personalized, therapeutic nutrition and the role that food and eating plays in chronic disease management, with a focus on patient safety. 

Skill Building Workshop in Therapeutic Nutrition 
After completing the Foundations course, practitioners will be invited to take a facilitated, skill-building workshop (level 2) to develop clinical competencies through a case-based learning approach.  
Certificate in Therapeutic Nutrition 
Individuals who complete both levels of training can apply for a Certificate in Therapeutic Nutrition, which must be renewed every 2 years


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