Building robust healthcare communities and referral networks

In Canada, and around the globe, Therapeutic Nutrition is gaining recognition as a promising clinical option for managing and even reversing metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.
A growing number of health professionals, researchers and educators are making meaningful contributions to the scientific evidence-base, creating tools to use in clinical practice and developing training materials and other resources.
As a catalyst for the 'food first' vision we endorse, the IPTN has invested in technology that will allow the professional members of our IPTN community to share information and experiences with local, national and international colleagues.
There are many benefits to joining the IPTN Community of health professionals. You can
  • Help to shape an evidence-based ‘food first’ culture in Canadian healthcare
  • Network with professional colleagues who use therapeutic nutrition in their practices
  • Stay on top of relevant research, policy and practice change
  • Access IPTN conferences, webinars, workshops and web-based training on therapeutic nutrition
  • Create opportunities to collaborate on research
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