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  • Anne Mullens

BC Pathways includes the diabetes remission website

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

More BC doctors and patients will now know that type 2 diabetes remission is possible, thanks to a positive, new development: the website is now included in the BC Pathways resources.

Pathways is a scientifically curated, online resource that enables physicians, their staff, and other health providers to quickly access from their clinic computers accurate, recommended referral information for their patients.

For example, if a patient has type 2 diabetes, the physician can with a quick keystroke find the website and provide the link for the patient, knowing it has been approved by the Pathways’ Provincial Resource Committee. It’s as simple as printing out a prescription.

Additionally, patients going to the Pathways site can click on their region and then put "diabetes remission" in the search bar. The remission site is immediately suggested, as shown in the image below.

“Having our diabetes remission website accepted and linked on Pathways is a significant milestone that will help spread awareness that type 2 diabetes remission is possible with diet and lifestyle changes,” said Sean McKelvey, CEO and co-founder of the Institute for Personalized Nutrition (IPTN). “It is really something to celebrate.”

The website is the result of a collaboration between the IPTN, the University of BC researchers, and the Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability (IHSTS.)

After the diabetes remission website went live in December 2022, the Pathways committee met and reviewed the site for inclusion in Pathways. The committee approved the content and provided a searchable link on the site, entitled: Diabetes - Type 2 Diabetes Remission through Therapeutic Nutrition (IPTN & IHSTS).

Have you checked out the website yet?

Up to 50% of people living with type 2 diabetes may be able to put the condition into remission by changing what they eat. The new website includes evidence-based information, a readiness checklist, a printable letter patients can take to their doctors, and a downloadable ebooklet to help patients and health providers safely get started. Explore it and share it today so that everyone will know that type 2 diabetes remission is possible.

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