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  • Barb Reece

IPTN Invited to Important Swiss Re Institute Meeting

In a few weeks, IPTN CEO Sean McKelvey and Chief Science Office Jonathan Little will travel to Zurich, Switzerland to attend the BMJ/Swiss Re conference: “Food for thought: The science and politics of nutrition“.

Because a number of expert clinicians, scientists and researchers who do key work in the field of diabetes, particularly the remission and reversal of diabetes, will be at the conference, Swiss Re is hosting a second more intimate, invitational meeting June 16-17, 2018 on Redefining Diabetes: Putting a ‘Chronic Progressive’ Disease into Remission.

Sean and Jonathan have been invited to co-present at this meeting on the IPTN’s proof-of-concept clinical trial that is currently underway – Impact of a pharmacist-led therapeutic nutritional intervention on medication use and glucose control in type 2 diabetes.

They will also have an opportunity to confer with global experts on IPTN’s next funded project, Supporting and Enabling Physicians to deliver Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition Using an Online Technology Platform.

Diabetes is a key focus of Swiss Re’s Life and Health division and they believe furthering this science is key not only to helping their clients and their policyholders, but also the hundreds of millions suffering from type 2 diabetes, and even more who suffer from metabolic syndrome leading to increased weight, obesity and prediabetes. It will be interesting to see how, other health insurance companies world-wide are influenced by Swiss Re’s initiative.

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